Learn. Move. Live
What is Restorative Exercise?
Restorative Exercise is the movement education you wished you had learnt years ago. It is a whole-body approach to learning how you move, restoring lost movement through corrective exercises and then applying these new skills to our whole lives, not just within the exercise setting.
Alignment and natural movement
Restorative exercise is a series of simple, easy to learn exercises that teach you how to restore joint function, ease pain, and correct body alignment.

Learn how to move well and absorb some useful science along the way. This is where physics and geometry meets biology and anatomy… and it makes sense, for everyday life!

For more in depth information and background to this approach you can find out more on Nutritious Movement.
Why do I need it?
We spend far more time being sedentary than ever before in history. We no longer get the variety of movement we need for optimal health.

There are natural human movements like squatting, carrying, climbing, sitting on the floor, that don't feature in our daily lives anymore, and our joints have become more immobile as a result.

Our body is in a process of constant remodelling. The positions we spend the most time in have more influence on our 'shape' (alignment) than the time spent in the gym, at yoga, on that run or whatever other 'exercise time' that is set aside.

Restorative Exercise teaches you how to transition to these natural movements safely so you can add more movement into your day without unnecessary aches and pains.

But I am just getting old!
Often aches and pains are attributed to growing older, but research shows that we do not have to accept this loss as normal. A majority of the physical problems associated with aging are the lack of use and misuse of our body.

By consistently changing the way we move, the body can restore many of its former abilities and ranges of motion.

Restorative Exercise teaches you the fundamentals of movement and how to introduce more movement into your day, no matter what you are doing.
Is Restorative Exercise for me?
Restorative Exercise is for every body!
Are you new to exercise?
Is your body feeling cranky but you don't feel ready for something like yoga?
Do you exercise a lot but still have nagging injuries that you don't seem to be able to shake?
Or are you a complete body nerd wanting to dive deeper into the details of movement?

Restorative Exercise is just what you have been looking for!
You know you aren't moving enough.
We will show you how 'move more' is only half the message. Your body definitely needs to move more (including more variety, frequency and range) but also .... you need to move more of you. There are parts of you that are hardly moving at all! Restorative Exercise brings awareness and new movement to these smaller, neglected, often nagging areas of your body so that you can move better and feel better.
You feel like your body is a mystery to you.
Are you really active and wonder why you still have niggling pain and injuries that come back time and time again? You know your body shouldn't be feeling this way and want to get to the bottom of it to know why it hurts and what you can do about it.
You are worried about how your body is going to feel when you are older
If you are feeling like this now, how will you be feeling in 5,10, 20 years time? People who have done Restorative Exercise consistently report feeling better than they did 10 years ago. It is never too early or too late to work towards being your healthiest self.
Bringing movement to life
Restorative Exercise and Nutritious Movement, developed by biomechanist and critically acclaimed author Katy Bowman, is a new paradigm in health, exercise and movement science.

Check out the video below which sums up the concept so beautifully. For a deeper look visit Nutritious Movement and be sure to look at their Instagram for examples of Nutritious Movement in action.

Restorative Exercise classes offer the detailed, corrective exercises that start moving the smaller, movement starved parts of you so you can go on to develop a vibrant, pain-free, movement-rich life.

Change the way you move and change the way you feel.

You can move better to feel better.