Frequently asked questions
What should I wear during a restorative exercise class?
Be comfortable! You need to be able to move freely and not be restricted by tight or non-stretchy clothing and waistbands.

Wear anything that you feel good moving around in, ideally nothing too baggy so you can observe more closely how you body is moving.

It's useful if you can see your knees.

All the classes are barefoot.
What can I expect in a private session?
Private sessions are based around your goals and needs.

The first session will be an general assessment of your current alignment and movement habits.

You will be taught some specific corrective exercises that work towards your particular movement goals and ideas for how to transform these into meaningful movements to incorporate into your day.

If you have been following this work for a while and want feedback on specific correctives or how to progress them then more focused sessions on the details of the exercises may be useful for you.

Contact your local Restorative Exercise teacher to find out more.
How much does it cost?
Prices vary throughout the country. Generally private sessions are between $70-$80 and classes around $15.

There may be concession cards available in your area.
Can't I just start sitting on the floor or start wearing barefoot/ minimal shoes....?
Yes by all means, add these natural movements into your day! However these seemingly small non-exercise movements can be a big deal to tissues that haven't been loaded in a while. Your body carries your movement habits and stiffness into everything you do, so you need to transition wisely. Restorative exercise teaches how to recognise the boundaries to your movement so you can bolster your joints and give you progressions to make slow steady change to your tissues without causing unnecessary pain or injuries.