Natural Futons
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If you are ready to try floor sleeping then a futon is probably the best way to start.

You will use your hip and knee joints and muscles through a larger range of motion when you are getting up and down just by having the mattress closer to the floor.

You can also scale the firmness of the mattress to match your body in it's transition to coping with firmer surfaces, with choices of multiple different fillings (latex, wool, cotton, coir etc). Add a topper for more comfort which could be removed as your body adapts to it's new sleeping environment.

The firmer the mattress the more pressure-deforming movement (that we often supplement our bodies with using things like massage, foam rollers and massage balls). You will begin to use your body in new unique ways, all while you are sleeping!

And by rolling the mattress up every day not only will you be moving more, you will also create more physical space for movement!

Please note, we aren't endorsing any of these companies, but simply sharing the knowledge we have acquired over time sourcing local products.

If you know any other kiwi companies that produce natural futons please let us know and we will add them to the list.
What Katy says about floor sleeping?
Traditional Futon
A three-layer, 100% cotton, traditional sleeping mat. For use directly on the floor or on a sleeping platform and rolled up daily.
The company is based in Auckland and freights throughout New Zealand
Traditional Futon
Natural Beds NZ
A futon that will best suit mattress purists and firm enthusiasts.

With 7 cm of 100% natural cotton, this is an authentic traditional futon in the Japanese style. Cotton provides stable support from its bulk and mass, but does not spread weight like latex does.

Each natural cotton cover is individually sewn, then layers of raw carded cotton are carefully built up by hand, the cover is then hand tufted to hold the materials together securely.

The traditional futon is not compatible with any bed base, and is made for use on the floor. It can easily be rolled up into a bundle and stored.
This company is based in Auckland and ships throughout NZ.
**The owner operator of this company also owns Futonz listed above

Futon Mattress
The futons, true to the original, are made with pure and natural materials (100% pure cotton, 100% new crimped wool and/or 100% natural latex). Available in standard mattress sizes, or can be custom-made. Each style is hand-tufted in the traditional way and encased in a natural canvas cover.
The company is based in Wellington and freights throughout New Zealand
Roll up futon
Close to "traditional" futons but adapted to NZ climate: the filling is not only composed of cotton but also includes layers of wool which add breathability and more comfort. This mattress is constructed to be used directly on the floor (in case you have a wooden floor, a woollen carpet is recommended) or on a sleeping platform – tatami.
The company is based in Auckland and freights throughout New Zealand
Organic Futon
Futon Ya San Organic
The 'traditional' Futon – a firm, basic mattress for people who prefer a more solid support. 3 x 800g /m2 organic wool & 2 x 500g/m2 organic wool. They stopped using cotton as the impact of it on people's health, soil (pesticides, herbicides) and genetic engineering were all too negative. Their goal is to produce ethical, environmentally sound products. Certified organic wool is a gentle material which supplies warmth and softness, and doesn't absorb moisture. Futon Ya San is using certified organic wool from the Catlins. This company has the thinnest mattress option (2.5 cm) which they recommend as a environmentally friendly yoga mat.
The company is based in Kaipara, Northland and freights throughout New Zealand