Thank you so much for your interest in hosting a Move Your DNA Weekend! Please read the details in this letter to see if hosting is the right fit for your facility.

Technical Requirements
To host a MYDNA Weekend, you need to provide:

• Space for at least 10 students and 1 instructor (11 yoga mats' worth of room).
• Mirrors along one wall (these can be installed or brought in/free standing).
• Yoga blocks, yoga straps, and domes for each participant (bolsters are optional, but note that if you don't provide them, we must ask participants to bring blankets or other bolstering materials).
• A private room and private bathroom for the instructor for Friday and Saturday nights (depending on travel needs).
• An outdoor location near the studio for walks. A park or other place with play equipment is also helpful—preferably walking distance, though that's not mandatory. One flat walk and one hilly walk nearby are also a bonus.

What We Provide
• 10 spots at the workshop—1 free one for yourself, and 9 spots at $278 (USD) each (that's $11 (USD) off the regular price per person). If your first ten spots fill up and you'd like to add ten more (and have room and equipment for them), please email align@restorativeexercise.nz for further details. For the best experience for your students, we limit the number of students per instructor to 10. To add ten more spaces, we can arrange for a second teacher.
• A listing of your workshop on our website, with instructions for people to contact your studio to enroll.
• Your MYDNA Weekend instructor.

Your studio is responsible for collecting payment from students, up to 10 total, including your one free spot.
30 days prior to the workshop, you'll send the list of participants to us (if additional enrollment happens after that, keep us updated) so that the instructor can communicate with students directly.

$2500 (USD). Once you're ready to go with your preferred dates (a couple of options are always helpful), please email align@restorativeexercise.nz. We'll send you a link to book your weekend!

Interested? Here's your course of action:
1. Make sure that you can meet all of the technical requirements listed above.
2. Send your preferred dates (at least two) to align@restorativeexercise.nz.
3. Receive a link to book your MYDNA weekend.
4. Add the NM-provided description to your website and begin enrolling students.
5. 30 days before your weekend, provide us with a list of participants.
6. Contact us with names of additional participants as you receive them.