Local Equipment Set
This is a quick list to help you find locally made exercise equipment.
Foam roller
Obie Foam Rollers $40 for two
New Zealand's only foam roller made in NZ. They use recycled plastic bags as the raw material for these rollers and half rollers. The obie foam rollers are moulded in the finished form with no waste.

Used for:
calf stretch, soleus stretch, double calf stretch, passive prone hip extension, squat with feet bolstered, next-next level pelvic list, advanced top of the foot stretch, deep foot & toe stretch, thoracic extension over dome, single leg squat, click clack, supporting your head and bolstering, bolstered floor sitting...and so many more!
Yoga Arts NZ $40 for one
These wooden blocks are made in Auckland by Paul (woodwork extraordinaire).

Used for: pelvic list, iliacus release, pez dispenser, single legged squat, step ups, log pullover, head support and bolstering... and more.
Yoga Strap
Yoga Arts NZ $13-$20 made in Auckland by Suzi, Paul, Ethan, Roko and many other awesome workers.
Yogastore $12 made in Dunedin by Sara.

Used for: strap stretch, various shoulder moves, trapeze, psoas release with supported thighs, plumb line for standing alignment and as a useful prop in many restorative exercises.
Yogastore $90 made in Dunedin by Sara.
Globe Artichoke $60-$105 made in Wellington by Lianne & Celia.
Yoga Arts NZ $89-$99 made in Auckland by Suzi, Paul, Ethan, Roko and and many other awesome workers.
ALLSENSES $119 made in Auckland by Beate.
Futon Ya San $65-$250 made in Northland by a group of friends, living and working together.
YoGoBolster inflatable travelling bolster $75.90 made in Dunedin by Loris and Graham.

Used for: floor angels, psoas release, soles against a wall, iliacus release, bolstered floor sitting and as a useful bolster in many moves and positions.

Please note, we aren't endorsing any of these companies, but simply sharing the knowledge we have acquired over time sourcing local products.

If you know any other kiwi companies that produce exercise equipment please let us know and we will add them to the list.

You might have everything you already need to get moving!
DIY Exercise Equipment

«Exercise equipment is great, but it's often not a requirement. You likely have great stand-ins lying around your home. Equipment designed for movement definitely has benefits: it can help us move, or move us, in very specific ways; but most importantly, exercise equipment likely sends us a signal to exercise. A yoga strap signals, "Do some yoga!" whereas a belt might a signal, "Get dressed." That all being said, if your intention to move is already flowing, specialized equipment is not the only thing in your environment that can facilitate the geometries (read: moves) you want to do.»
Katy Bowman