Sherry Cornish
Restorative Exercise Specialist CPT
I have a background in pilates and am passionate about working with people to help them become more aware of their skeletal alignment and the impact this can have on their joints and the way their body functions. From this foundation, we then look at corrective exercises to work towards better alignment and to regain movements that are important to daily life, thus helping improve our wellbeing. Being able to move freely is an important part of remaining independent as we age. However, the wonderful thing about Restorative Exercise is that everyone, of any age, can benefit.

Classes are held once a week for four to six weeks and workshops are one off . They range from "Dynamic Aging", Foot Health, Shoulders, Hips and Walking Gait to name a few. If it's part of the body then we cover it.

Small Group Classes. If you have 4 or more interested in a class or you would like to join an existing class please contact me with a preferred day and time.

Private Sessions are $80 for an hour. These can be during the day or evening.

For more information please contact me on 027 352 7676.


Allan Menezes (Australia) Mat 1 2014/2015

Studio Pilates (Australia) Anatomy Feb 2015

Mat 1 Studio Pilates (Australia) Feb 2015

Ball, Band and Circle Studio Pilates (Auckland) June 2015

Pilates for Pregnancy Studio Pilates online February 2016

Personal Trainer NCSF (United States) January 2017

BASI Pre and Post-natal Pilates (Australia) May 2017

Pilates for Back Pain Studio Pilates online June 2017

Attended Move Your DNA Course 2016 (Brisbane)/2018 (Nelson)

Restorative Exercise Specialist CPT (United States) November 2017

Attended Movement Matters Retreat (Nelson) with Katy Bowman December 2017
Sherry has been doing one to one restorative movement and exercises with me, based on Katy Bowman's work. Sherry has been a delight to work with. She is warm and friendly, a professional who throughly understands what she is doing, and good at explaining it so I can understand it too. She is very clear and precise in showing and explaining each movement and how it affects particular parts of my body. I also like her clear written descriptions, with cross references to Move Your DNA, and photos and videos she has done on my camera, which I use to remind me when doing the movements at home.

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